Socrates had his Test of Three, and we have ours. We work with you, not for you, together we are a team. For us to be on the same team, we must share similar core beliefs. Even if you don't answer yes to each question, you can still find great content on our blog.

Why are you here?

You are here because you want answers. You want to invest money into your business, and you want a great return. Your old marketing methods are not working as they use to. You know digital is the answer, but you don't know exactly how to leverage digital.


Strategy and passion show in everything we do. You will not find anyone else who loves what they do more than us! Here are some things we love to do.


Branding is about connecting emotionally with your customers. Branding speaks through visuals and copywriting your core beliefs. Branding is much more than logos.


What purpose does your website serve? Conversions matter when it comes to revenue growth. A true website will convert visitors into leads and/or customers. Websites are the center of any great Digital Marketing Strategy.


With an average return rate of $45 for every $1 spent, it would not be wise to pass up the advantages email marketing presents. Email allows you to stay in direct communication with subscribers, leads and site visitors that opt-in.


Search engines bring traffic to your website, simple as that. Are you bringing people to your website through SERP’s? Search engines advise what they like and don’t like. If you don’t show up in searches, that is because you choose not to. Customers are searching for you right now.


Content is King! Understand content is your modern sales process. Content promotes a brand by educating and entertaining their ideal audience. When people like you they purchase from you. Let us help you leverage content marketing.


Word of mouth is the largest contributor to a successful business. Social Media is the modern day word of mouth. Knowing how to leverage social will be an advantage to growth.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising provides 100% accurate ROI. You put out x and get y in return. All tracked and measured. Start today and stop tomorrow. We only recommend utilizing 10% or less of your entire Digital Marketing budget.


It’s no surprise, we LOVE data! People say one thing and do another. How can you deliver to your customers what they want, when they want it at a rate they are able to accept it? Data holds the key to making informed decisions.


Competition demonstrates a markets strength and/or weakness. We want competition. We also want to dominate our competition and lead by example. Knowing your competitors, their strengths, weaknesses along with strategic options is a must to your digital marketing success.


People will always matter more than product or service. We must understand your ideal customers and utilize the advantages our digital tools provide. We believe in smart marketing and targeting specific groups to see a return.


As consultants, we perform a range of services for our clients. We spend most of our time in one of the below ways.

10 Ways We May Help You

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Search for an Advantage

Someone has to be at the top. Why not your business?


What you require is knowledge. You need knowledgeable people for that, and this is why you are here. JG Digital Marketing delivers profitable knowledge with simplicity. Our Clients leverage digital opportunities to grow business, simple as that. We are focused on revenue, not traffic. When the bottom line grows, the relationship prospers. Think of us as great relationship builders.


We Offer a FREE Consultation

A consultation is an individual action that is separate from our consulting services. We make no promises to take on anyone as a client from a consultation. The purpose of a consultation is to help provide direction and answers that you have been searching for. We are looking to work with people who are passionate about business as we are.

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