70% of CEO's

don’t understand how to leverage digital marketing.


How do you market digitally? Websites? Email? Content? Social? Search? Digital Advertising? Digital Marketing is complex and rapidly evolving. It's quite easy to get lost in the information overload. Here are some easy questions you can answer right now. Who can help us advance our digital presence? Who can help improve our revenues? Who can help increase our brand awareness? We can, and we are JG Digital Marketing.


We are JG Digital Marketing, a modern marketing agency that delivers world-class, high-quality, ethical marketing services. We have processes that show proven repetitive success with our clients, from start-ups to multi-million dollar multinational corporations. It doesn't matter if we are creating a strategy, a website, or a single piece of content. One thing is certain, everything we do serves a very specific purpose.

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As consultants, we perform a range of services for our clients. We spend most of our time in one of the below ways.

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Don't take our word for it. See for yourself.

  • SFI
    "JG are marketing mastermind's, simple as that. The quantity of information and knowledge they can reference quickly is amazing."
    Kimberly Izmirli
    SFI Social Media
  • David ALan
    "JG has gone out of their way time and time again to provide assistance to me in areas that I virtually knew nothing about. Not only are they quickly responsive to any questions or concerns that I may have, but they have even reached out to help me on topics that they really did not need to do so. It's great to know I help in areas where my skill set is lacking. The relationship that we have built will last a long time."
    David Alan
    David Alan Clothing
  • National Franchise League
    "When JG gets involved in a project, they are extremely focused and motivated to ensure the project has a positive outcome. JG has a strong work ethic, leadership skills, and innovative ideas to solve difficult issues that may arise. JG are team player's that have been a valuable resource on our development project team."
    Dave Thormann
    National Franchise League
  • Tarik Khribech
    "JG is a very talented company. They know their stuff and has a lot of great advice and experience. If you are looking to start or grow your business and need help with digital marketing, I highly recommend JG. Not only will they get the job done, but JG will go the extra mile to deliver more value for your budget."
    Tarik Khribech
    Chore Relief

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

- Walt Disney

The Process that Works


Please enjoy relevant, purposeful and profitable knowledge packaged up and released as content for your earning pleasure.

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