How To Communicate In The Digital World


Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay, once said, “We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” It’s so important to remember that technology does not replace communication; it enhances it!

Communication is one of the most challenging focus areas for brands in today’s complex digital world. Why? Is it the amount of available technologies that put you in direct contact with followers/fans? Leverage data to learn where and how your consumers want to communicate. Let’s learn about how communication can positively affect your business and its growth.


People want to be liked. Also, people are more likely to buy from someone they like. You might be asking yourself if this falls under brand awareness and you would be right because they are tied together. I am listing this here under communication because it’s important for people to communicate with you or about you in order to create a bond.

Recently, I was having a conversation with a young gentleman who is starting out in the digital marketing sector. We spoke about how cleaning up your lead list is costly. Many of the industry authorities proclaim that purging your lead lists of dead leads is best so that you narrow down your focus on the leads which may become customers. There will be many people who do not purchase from you; however, they may support you and bring you other business by influencing others. If you cleared your lead list of people who did not buy, you would hurt your sales.  Instead, learn to segment (categorize, group).

You may communicate for support, sales, or just general conversation. Be personable!



Long gone are the days of one way communication. Instead of putting out commercials, brands are publishing on consumer platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo, just to name a few. These videos are the most shared type of content on the internet.  45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. Videos are the start of the conversation. Be responsive in the comments and encourage engagement.

Videos are not the only way; videos are just the king of content. What about other means? Blog posts and social posts are additional ways that you can communicate with your customers.


Utilize messaging if that is what your customers use. If your target audience is on Facebook, then learn how to include Facebook Messenger in your communication strategy for your organization.

Google released a new chat feature recently that allows people to chat with you directly from your Google listing.

Imagine searching for a business and chatting with them right from the search results page. How cool is that? Well, now you can, thanks to Google.

It doesn’t have to be either of the above mentioned either; what about Skype? There are many communication tools; it depends on what your customers are using already. Go meet them! They are waiting to talk to you!



Here are some questions that will help you define how to achieve the purpose of communication:

  1. Do you offer support online?
  2. Do you offer customer service online?
  3. Do you offer chat areas or similar features on your site?
  4. Is it easy (less time consuming and friendly) to communicate for your consumers?
  5. What do your consumers think of your communication?
  6. Do you resolve questions or inquiries quickly?


People want instant communication. Learn to set up a specific process for communication. More than likely, this will include social media.

JG recommends you focus not only on consumers, but also on vendors; they are people too and support your business as well.



Communication is still key, even in the digital age. Consumers want to converse with personable and knowledgeable people easily. In order to improve your business, improve your communication skills. Ask yourself this: What are we doing to be exceptional when it comes to communication with consumers, vendors, and employees?



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Written By James

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